All of Us Research Program Strategic Goals

The program has charted six strategic goals to help achieve its overarching mission

Since its inception, the All of Us Research Program has been guided by its core values and an ambitious mission.

The program has refined its efforts over time to meet the most pressing needs. As it has progressed beyond its initial start-up phase, All of Us has defined six strategic goals to achieve by the end of calendar year 2026 to chart its future as an indispensable resource for advancing health equity and health research.

Program Goals

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Enrollment and Retention

Enroll 1 million participants who reflect the diversity of the United States, cover the lifespan, and have shared all baseline elements. Of these, at least 500,000 participate in ongoing data donation opportunities.

Building and maintaining relationships with participants is the program’s highest priority. We will strive to engage individuals of all ages who collectively reflect the diversity of the U.S., including groups that have been historically underrepresented in biomedical research. We will continue to focus on attracting participants who are likely to stay engaged throughout the duration of the program to provide stability to the dataset and allow for longitudinal research. Check out our Data Snapshots for more information on participant demographics and the types of data that we collect.

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Collection and Curation of Data and Specimens

Expand the data available for 1 million participants, to include surveys, health data streams, a whole genome sequence, environmental data, and physical measures.

To drive discoveries that may improve overall health and the early detection, treatment, and prevention of a broad variety of diseases, we will collect a wide range of data. We will prioritize collecting data that is useful for researchers’ work and enables impactful discoveries, including insights to help reduce health disparities. The program’s Data Browser provides publicly-available interactive views of the dataset. 

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Ancillary Studies

Launch ancillary studies as a core and scalable capability, that expands the cohort and delivers new phenotypic, lifestyle, environmental, and biological data.

Ancillary studies, or independent research programs that leverage the All of Us infrastructure, help deliver on our promise to accelerate health research and medical breakthroughs by helping partners achieve their goals more efficiently than would be possible on their own. These studies can multiply the value of the program by expanding data type diversity and potentially boosting participant enrollment. One of the program’s first ancillary studies, NIH Common Fund’s Nutrition for Precision Health, powered by the All of Us Research Program, is looking to develop algorithms that predict individual responses to food and dietary patterns. The program looks to use a phased approach to scale up and support more ancillary studies over time. 

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Researcher Access and Impact

Establish a diverse global community of at least 10,000 researchers productively using All of Us data.

We will increase the number of researchers using All of Us data on the Researcher Workbench and expand access to researchers across all sectors. We will add new tools and resources to increase the utility of the platform. Additionally, we plan to enable data interoperability with other international cohorts to increase the impact of this resource on the global scale

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Participant Return of Value

Incorporate participant return of value into data collections and assess its impact, including return of information to participants on genomic, electronic health record, and other health-related information.

All of Us views its participants as partners, and seeks to deliver value to them for their involvement in the program. This includes returning individual genetic ancestry and traits results, genetic health-related reports, and more. We will evaluate the value and satisfaction that participants receive from this information to better understand how to build on these efforts in the future and if returning information contributes to program goals of building long-term participant engagement. Learn more about the benefits of participating in All of Us.

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Management & Operations

Enable the full potential of the All of Us Research Program through organizational accountability, strategic and data-driven decision-making, effective core processes, and team capacity and development.

Realizing our mission of creating a healthier future for all of us is possible through a thoughtful, forward-thinking, and data-driven strategic approach that drives our priorities and steers our day-to-day work across the program. Our focus will ensure that the All of Us foundation — our people, processes, systems, data, and analytics — evolves to accommodate our growth in the most effective and resource-efficient manner. As we look toward the future of health, how we operate will be clear and understood by everyone connected to All of Us.

Last Reviewed: January 31, 2023