Protecting Data and Privacy

Your privacy is very important to the All of Us Research Program. We will take great care to protect it.

The All of Us Research Program follows privacy and data security rules. The rules lay out the best ways to keep your information private and safe. They also guide how we collect data and work with participants.

Here are some specific ways we protect your privacy:

  • We remove names and other identifying information from people’s data before researchers can see it.
  • We follow all federal, state, and local laws and regulations for keeping information safe.
  • We have strict internal policies and procedures to prevent misuse of data.
  • Experts regularly check our systems to make sure they’re secure.
  • We store information on protected computers. We limit and keep track of who can see it.
  • To work with your health data, researchers must agree to a number of rules. This includes promising they will not try to find out who you are.
  • We will tell you if there is a risk to your privacy because of a data breach.
  • We have Certificates of Confidentiality from the U.S. government. They will help us fight legal demands (such as a subpoena) to give out information that could identify you.

To learn more, read our Privacy and Trust Principles and Data Security Policy Principles and Framework.